Thursday, September 08, 2005

Diddy The Prophet

In the wake of hurricane Katrina I can only think back to
Diddy's ridiculous 2004 get out the vote campaign “Vote or Die".
I remember seeing Josh filling out his absentee ballot in
fear of death. He really thought he was going to die if he
didn't vote. No surprise there.

Well anyways. So far every African American that fell victim
to hurricane Katrina did not vote. According to Diddy's website,
Diddy has been compiling all the names of the dead and compared
them to his hit list database. And shonuff none of them were
registered voters. Good thing I voted. So now it appears Diddy
can add prophet to his long list of hats.

To sum things up if you don't vote you will die. Mother Nature
herself will come and hunt your ass down. Or like my fellow rappers
are suggesting, Bush will use Mother Nature to start his own Holocaust.

Man I hate rappers. They should go back to killing each other.

I also want to announce my new foundation.

It's the Buy Sean Penn A Boat Foundation And A Bucket To.

What a fucking looser. Good actor horrible first responder.

Well it’s sad to say but I honestly felt like the whole Katrina
news coverage was one giant movie / reality show. Similar to the
Blair Witch pic. I found it very entertaining. Where else can you
get pissed off cops yelling profanities and Geraldo going fucking
nuts in the middle of a huge lootathon? I have nothing to watch
anymore. Good thing it's almost football time, which reminds me
it's time to finalize my fantasy football rosters. Laters bitches
I got bizznass to tend to.
Damn that shit wuz street dawg. I heard Burt didn't vote either. Diddy's going to fuck hime up. Alright nigga take it easy like San Deezzzzzyyyy.
what's with the big blank part at the top of your post?
What is up with the blank part? I figured with all the A-list name droppin' you were doing, maybe someone had part of the site erased...maybe. That would be one hell of a conspiracy theory though. If you get a sec...see what the enemy is thinking: http://www.jabpage.org/features/racestat/racestat.html
Fucking ridiculous...
McKinney came up with the best Hurricane conspiracy ever...they flooded New Orleans so the white man could take the black man's land...and they used water to do it because everyone knows black people can't swim.
sandcheese....give me a shout sometime....we got some catching up to do....richard.hampton@gmail.com
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