Tuesday, June 07, 2005

SR Tech News

I know allot of you count on the SR for your latest tech news, so here is some really good shit. It's what mp3's did to the music industry but only with DVD's, and no Adamic they are not called DV3's. Go ahead read on.

Introducing ratDVD: A new way to compress your DVDs

Would you like to be able to compress an entire 9GB DVD to 1 single file about 1GB-3GB (depending on the DVD and your settings) in size, keeping menus, bonus features, multiple audio and subtitle tracks as well as video Angles? Well students from the university of Aarhus, Danmark and St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University "LETI", Russia yesterday released a new Compression format specifically geared towards the compression of complete DVDs without loss of any features or noticeable quality called ratDVD.

After a DVD is compressed to one much smaller file, it can be played back on your PC like you would play a normal DVD or you can convert it back to DVD to burn to disc and watch it with a stand-alone DVD player. Currently it requires users to have Microsoft Windows XP, DirectX 9.0, and Windows Media Player 10. "This new format makes sharing DVDs possible like MP3 did for Audio-CDs. Comparing ratDVD with conventional compression methods like MPEG-4, H264, DivX or XviD is like comparing DVD with VHS. Unless you use ratDVD, you get only parts of the video but loose everything that makes DVD special." says Peter Jensen, project team leader.

ratDVD can preserve all the features of the original DVD such as:

# Full Anamorphic picture, seamless branching, multiple video angles, multiple audio channels, subpictures, etc.
# Keep movie versions (Directors Cut, Theatrical version, etc.), Alternate story endings, making of, video commentary , cut scenes, etc..
# Keep complete menus, navigation and features
# Reliable high quality, valid check-summed Container.

Don't forget to visit the ratDVD homepage at: http://www.ratdvd.dk/index.htm
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