Thursday, November 18, 2004

The People Have Spoken

All week long people have been waiting for the results of my pole and they are now in. After counting all the absentee ballots and provisional ballots the people have spoken and they say Downing is Gay As Fuck.

Peoples Pole : Is Downing Gay Results

71% of the vote said he was Gay As Fuck
14% of the vote said he was a member of the YMCA
0% said Yes He's Flaming
7% said Yes
7% said No-(Downing's vote which doesn't count)

A total of 92% said he was gay compared to a total of 7% who said he was not gay. Which was probably Downing's vote. So then 100% of all voters think Downing is gay to some degree and 71% think Downing is as gay as you can get. Downing my friend you are gay. It is now safe to come out of your sanctuary. Fly like a bird. Stay away from our asses.
I didn't vote!
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