Thursday, November 18, 2004

I'm Blushing

So the time has finally come. We have hit 2000. I want to bring it to everybody's attention that the SR has been in existence for almost a year and our hit counter for about four months. So I would go out on a limb here and say that if we would have put the hit counter on earlier we would probably be hitting 10,000 right now. But fuck it 2000 it is. To all my new readers and old readers it has been a pleasure providing you with good quality reading material. You showed up to work and checked the SR while you were trying to hide from your boss. I respect that. The SR has spawned off many other blogs and I want you my readers to give them a shot. The SR was a product of my addiction to the Drudge Report. I wanted to create a platform where I could pretty much say what ever I wanted about whoever I wanted and get away with it. If your wondering if I have ever offend anybody with this site probably not. People are to dumb to realize what I write on here is really what I think and how I feel, and I feel comfortable saying that about my contributors as well. This is our avenue to express ourselves and we will keep doing it. I will continue to serve up the best stories and whatever else for you guys. I want to thank Darly Neill, Al Fritz, and Josh Ellison for helping me make the SR the best I could. You might be wondering why Josh Ellison. Well he has been the target of my blog on various occasions and he takes it like a champ. I really need to put a picture of this on guy on my site so you can all see what he looks like. Gay as shit.
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