Tuesday, October 26, 2004

There's More

Believe it or not but there are about 20 of these pics. This one was one made up after the competition. It really got out of control. I want to make sure that everybody who reads this realizes that I do not condone this shit. I also want to make sure that it is also perfectly clear that I did not make these images. They are just to fucking gay. In addition how about that game last night. Fat Manny really came threw. I think it is safe to say that the series is over. Josh say's "Stick a fork in it's done" and "Tough Acting Tinactin". I not sure if he realizes that John Madden is a football sports commentator not a baseball commentator. If I see Josh doing anything it would be possibly replacing Frank Caliendo or some B sports jobby. Any who things are going just fine here in Blue Dizzle. I leave Al Asad tonight to go regulate some ass. Hopefully the next time you hear from me will be when I get back. If for some reason I don't make it back I have a automated post set up. It will reveal some of the greatest kept secrets of SSP and much more. So if I were you I would be wishing for my death. Laters cock suckers keep sucking.
Kerry Flubs Bosox Score, Again

John Kerry has been a lifelong fan of the Boston Red Sox but he's having a hard time keeping up with their winning hopes while he pursues his own. During most of the first two games of the World Series the Massachusetts senator has been on a plane flying between the swing states where he's seeking a presidential victory. But when he's tried to keep up with the baseball scores, he's had three strikes.

Twice on Sunday, the Democrat said he was basking in Boston's 10-9 win in Game 1 the night before.

Problem is, the Red Sox won 11-9.

"Ten-9, the Sox did fabulous," Kerry said with a big smile as he ducked into church Sunday morning in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Inside, the minister had asked worshippers to clap "if the Lord has done anything wonderful in your life this week," and Kerry applauded.

"Coming from Boston, I had a special reason to clap," Kerry explained to the congregation when he took the pulpit. "The Red Sox won 10-9."Kerry spokesman David Wade said the senator got the score wrong because 10-9 was the last update he got from the pilot during his late-night flight to Florida.

Problem is, the score never was 10-9. The Red Sox won on a two-run homer, meaning they went from 9 runs to 11.

Regardless, Kerry adviser Mike McCurry explained to reporters, "The senator had bad intelligence on the baseball game last night."

During Game 2 Sunday night, Kerry was flying from Florida to New Hampshire, and this time his staff called for game updates on one of the airplane's phones. But again, there was some confusion when he landed in Portsmouth, N.H., during the seventh inning.

"Seven-1 Red Sox!" Kerry said as he bounded off the plane, wearing his Red Sox cap, to greet a group of supporters. New Hampshire is Red Sox country, and a cheer went up from the crowd that wasn't able to watch the game while waiting for his plane on the tarmac.

Problem is, the Red Sox were winning 6-1 at the time. They went on to win 6-2.

Kerry was able to watch the Red Sox win the American League Championship from his hotel room while campaigning in Ohio last week. Journalists were invited in briefly to capture the scene of Kerry surrounded by his aides and bottles of beer. The senator didn't have a drink in his hands, but held both up with his fingers crossed.

"They're the greatest comeback team there is," Kerry said. Asked if there were any metaphors for his campaign, he declined to talk politics. "We're just playing ball here tonight."

Wade said Kerry is avoiding tying his fate to the team's because he has watched their World Series hopes dashed too many times before. Kerry attended games the last two times the Red Sox were in the World Series — 1975 and 1986 — and they lost. This time, Kerry suggested that campaigning in the final days of the presidential race would probably keep him away.

"Keep your eyes on the prize," Kerry said last week during a flight between Ohio and Iowa. "They do that and I'll do this."

But if things go right for both the senator and the team from Boston, Kerry just might be able to realize the dream he described to ESPN during an appearance at a Red Sox-Yankees game in July.

"I'd love to welcome the World Series Champion Red Sox to the White House," he said.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Feel Pitty For Me

I just wanted to show you what happens when the whole battalion deploy's. They start doing stupid shit like this. In case anybody is actually interested in who won. Grape Scraper won in a landslide. I would like to thank Big Al (FUCK YOUR COUCH)for posting this picture for me.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Where Can I Get Me A Hunting license

Alright I'm back and this time it's personal.

Well maybe not but what other lines could have I used. It's been almost a month since my last post. Call it laziness or writers block. There really isn't much new here except for the occasional mortars and rockets coming in and fucking up my day. As soon as I get my picture uploading software working I'll have some really mouth watering shit for you fucks. The only slightly humorous story I got is that of my freind Josh. He has been engulfed by October fever and is currently talking about pursuing a carrier in sports journalism. To most of you that might not be funny at all but to the people that know this basket case it shouldn't surprise you. I sit here watching game one of the World Series. The volume is muted out and I got Josh trying to do a play by play. For some reason he keeps saying "Tough Acting Tinactin" and calling me Pat. I've even heard him in the shower trying to perfect his Bob Costas impersonation. For those of you who would like to get a better insight into this guys life here is his website link Josh's Website

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