Wednesday, May 26, 2004

The Inbound roster chimed sweetly as a new member of SSP arrived. The children of SSP gathered around MOL full of glee and wonder as it was announced that they would be welcoming a new marine into their fold in just a few short weeks. "What would he be like?", they wondered. What new experiences and skills would he introduce us to? I must admit that I was lured into their point of view...and I was wrong. This man is a socio-path. His incessant questions, and constant badgering are the things nightmares are made of. He is like a child with a ridiculous haircut, and motorcycle glasses...without the tint. I cannot think of a better way to silence him than a perfect imitation of him. In closing, I ask that you seek out this weak man that hides behind his sarcasm...seek him out and do battle with him. At no time have you asked too many questions, nor have you exhausted a single point. I declare Jihad on this man, and demand that he be punished for his ways. So cut his fucking head off....just like Nick Berg. Jihad Bitches...Jihad.

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